social.media_An interesting post was made on another blog. The author makes some very valid points on getting your weather information from unverified and untrusted sources on the internet. While I agree with the author that is a problem, I also know that his position as the weather guy on TV isn’t the authority anymore, those days are over and the business model has changed. The internet now drives everything and local news is a dying dinosaur. Unless they re-invent themselves they face extinction. The weather has always been the sole driver of that industry, it’s why YOU watch the local news. Take that away and why would you watch story after story of who killed who and how you should brush your teeth. I’ve taken my 12 years of experience in that business and now testing the waters here in the OKC market by releasing my own weather app, internet site and blog. My credibility is only as good as my forecasts and my public perception. The article is a good read and it gives you an inside, behind the scenes look at our profession. Remember, if the source you are getting your weather information from doesn’t have a degree from an accredited 4 year institution in the field of meteorology/atmospheric science, go elsewhere. (You military trained guys are okay too!)

Read the article here: The New Pollution

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