Computer model forecast vs reality of global temps.

Computer model forecast vs reality of global temps.

It’s been awhile since I posted anything about global warming/climate change. Basically because most don’t care nor take the time to read the articles and data I post which shows there’s nothing to worry about. Of course you can look outside and see that year after year after year we all still go on living and the world hasn’t ended no matter how many scream we’re all doomed. Well, I’ll throw a few at you today for your reading pleasure. Feel free to educate yourself on the issue. Turn off the talking heads of the media and our own governmental politicians and just look at the raw sexy data.

1. The antarctic has amassed more ice than ever. NASA and the media ignored that tiny fact and tried to say it’s all going to melt and we’ll all flood. There’s a problem with that. The study that claim is cited from doesn’t say that. Oops! (Be sure to see Bill Illis post near the bottom of the comment section about how water is distributed on the antarctic and if its even possible to flood from it) Read here:

2. The “97% of scientists agree” claim has been debunked long ago. Some recent findings reveal just how absurd the whole thing really was. 24 people constitute the 97% claim? You’ve got to be kidding me! It was worse than we all thought. Don’t worry, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands don’t think mankind has a direct influence in AGW nor believe that CO2 is the cause of warming temperatures, which actually haven’t warmed at all, see #3 for that little nugget. Here’s more on the 97%:

3. So onto the raw data. Lots of fun graphs, labeled clearly and easy to understand. Over a dozen data sets to help you sleep peacefully at night. Read here:

4. For those that don’t want to get into the data can just read this nice short summary that puts it all in perspective. Read here:

That’s all for awhile. For those that disagree, fine, as long as you disagree because you educated yourself by looking at raw data and not listening to some joker on TV. Also keep in mind most of the grant money from the gov level goes to the universities that agree to do AGW studies. Yet despite all of this new research over the past decade, nothing has changed, well except where your tax dollars are spent. Carry on! -AT

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