“ATsWeatherToGo” does it again!

A tornado developed near Arcadia lake on December 14, 2014 and an app user was alerted 48 minutes before the storm arrived. What’s even better is that the location was tipped off that this storm had a moderate risk of producing a tornado. This alert was 8 minutes before the official NWS Tornado Warning came out. That’s 8 minutes more to prepare and seek shelter! That extra time is invaluable!

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This isn’t the first time my free weather app has given a community extra time to seek shelter. The town of Pilger NE was hit hard by a large tornado event. Read this link for more:

“ATsWeatherToGo” uses proprietary algorithms to predict tornadic development before it occurs and gives you the earliest warning possible. Don’t wait another minute, download my app today and be sure to enable the SAF-T-Net feature! No other weather app in Oklahoma does this! That’s right, none of the TV apps you may already use will give you this information. You owe to yourself and your family! When seconds count, give yourself minutes! You won’t regret it! -AT

Download “ATsWeatherToGo” on your mobile device here:

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Go here more information about the app including an explanation on the B.T.I. rating.

“When seconds count, give yourself minutes!” -Aaron Tuttle, ATsWeatherToGo

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