Once again the proprietary algorithms used in ‘ATsWeatherToGo’ to detect developing tornadic activity alerted the residents of Moore, OK that a tornado was about to move in 10 minutes before any official NWS tornado warning was issued. For some this was the only warning they received. Others heard sirens only seconds before the twister arrived.

The tornado started to develop near May and SW 119th and moved E/SE crossing over I-35.

PreliminaryMoore tornado150325_moore_tornado_prelim


Here are a few screen shots from users phones that alerted them to the approaching storm. Make sure you download this free weather app today, it just might save your life!



Look at how many homes on the ATsWeatherToGo app were in the path of the tornado that received the advanced early warning!


You can download my app directly from these links, but make sure to set it up correctly by turning on the SAF-T-Net option or you won’t receive these custom alerts specific to your location. Watch the video for guidance.

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