I touched on this briefly in another article about desensitization, but you are no longer required to get your weather information from your living room by staying glued to a television set. Technology and the price of goods has allowed the majority of us to purchase mobile smart phones and tablets that have all the access you need to get severe weather information. Weather apps and websites streaming live severe weather coverage, live radar, storm direction and threats are all at your disposal. The NOAA Weather Radio still works just fine as well.

Now, you can still watch the local news coverage and supplement the information they provide with the tools I outlined above. For example, let’s say a tornado is occurring in a town doing damage so the news coverage stays with that storm. A new dangerous storm approaches your town and they’re not covering it. This is the biggest complaint TV viewers’ state during live severe weather coverage. Unfortunately, sometimes there’s no good answer for what a station should do, so some fall through the cracks. That’s why you need to diversify your weather information and use a weather app like mine, ATsWeatherToGo.

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The benefit of my free app is that it shows you high resolution radar, storm tracks and what the storm contains; lightning, hail, tornado, etc. It even utilizes proprietary algorithms to predict tornadoes before they occur giving you ample time to seek shelter. Furthermore, it only warns your specific location if the storm will immediately impact you. This removes false alarms and prevents unnecessary app notifications. If it goes off, it’s because you’re going to be directly affected. Now I can’t speak for other apps, but if you like them, use them. Information to keep you and your family safe is important, no matter the method. Just know that you have new options in today’s world that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

On a side note, I will broadcast live streaming severe weather coverage during tornado events, just like what you see from the local news stations. It will be straight to the point concise storm information without the drama or over hyping the threat. My goal is to keep you safe. You can watch my live stream through the app or on my website. A lot of the same functionality on the app is provided on the website as well.

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