Ah yes, just when we thought we were in the clear, old man winter makes a last ditch effort to bring us the white fluffy stuff.

Wednesday, two computer models hinted at snow, on different days mind you, but the pattern they forecasted would support it. Today there is agreement between the European and the American GFS model in substantial snow next Thursday the 24th. Is this out of the ordinary? Not really, we typically get some of our heaviest snow storms in March due to the extra moisture content and temperatures being just cold enough to support the snowfall.

Just for fun, here is the GFS model snow output: (Yes that says 15 inches for OKC)

snow totals

Now before you run for the hills stopping off at your local grocery store to buy up all the milk and bread, just know that the odds of these types of amounts panning out are pretty low. At least at this far out in the forecast period. A lot has to happen to make it snow here and conditions have to be just right. See my prior blog on why winter weather forecasting is so difficult, here: Why are Winter Forecasts so Difficult.

So this is definitely going to be a fun one to track and nail down. I of course will be all over it and update you as conditions warrant.


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