Perusing the latest computer model data this evening and our next cold front arrives Wednesday night. Very nice until then with a lot of 70s and some 80s for highs on Tuesday. A few showers and storms will accompany the front, but mostly across the E 1/3 of OK Wednesday night. Maybe some snow flurries in the panhandle but otherwise the upper storm system is passing too far to the north to give OK any snow. Parts of KS and NE should get a little bit of the white stuff. It was a good fantasy though to see a computer model dump that much snow across OK a few days ago.
The next system after that still progged for for the end of the month. Could see a mix of rain and snow across the state depending on storm track and airmass. A weak signal is still there, so something to watch for. Otherwise March is like a baby kitten severe weather wise. That said, I’m sure our April and May will pick up.
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