Easter Preview:
A strong cold front moves in and a few showers and storms will accompany it. It looks like it may be cold enough for a little snow in NW OK. How far east that snow travels depends on a lot of things, assuming it forms in the first place. Again for awhile now models continue to show a snow signal but they’ve been all over the place on the date. At first it was April Fools, then it was this Thursday, then it is this Sunday and possibly April Fool’s again. Usually when a strong signal like that is kicked around, the model is latching onto an abrupt pattern change. Time will tell, but like we talked about before, a March snowfall isn’t out of the realm of normalcy. So stay tuned on the outcome!
Meanwhile here are a few images to give you an idea on what we can expect for our Easter Weekend:
This first map is what you can expect temperatures to be like on Saturday, which is very very nice. The next serious of maps is for Sunday.
Total precipitation (Sat/Sun) in liquid form. Not bad for parts of Oklahoma. The amounts in the N and W of the state are going to be more snow. See next image.
This is just an idea on the snowfall area. This will likely change a dozen times, but gives you a starting point.
Finally, the big story will be the cold temps. Temperatures midday will be mostly in the 30s and 40s across Oklahoma. Not exactly ideal Easter Egg hunting weather. I wouldn’t plant anything just yet either.
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