A slow moving upper low anchored in Texas will provide a daily opportunity for rainfall through about Saturday. Now it won’t rain the entire time, but the exact timing of the different rounds will be difficult to nail down in advance. Just know that scattered showers and a few thunderstorms will continue off and on between now and Saturday. Rainfall amounts generated by the models are fairly decent. A few of them are shown below to give you an idea on what to expect. Don’t focus too much on an exact location’s output, as again this is just to give you the generalized potential over a region. As far as OK goes, 3-5″ of rain will be quite common across a large chunk of the state. Some will get a little more. Pay attention to any flash flooding situations as well. If you find yourself in that position, turn around, don’t drown. -AT

qpf_acc.conus qpf_acc.us_sc (1) qpf_acc.us_sc namx.conus.pcptot8484 spring_exp.rain120h.central.hr120 wxbell_tprecip_tx_121

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