All in all August has been pretty normal thus far. Nothing really that extreme either way.

The state saw some pretty decent rain totals for the first half with still more to come.


This pretty much ends our extreme heat as well so here’s a recap as to how many days regions of the state got to that century mark.


As far as the rest of August is concerned, a few more rainy days and temperatures about where they are, upper 80s low 90s as a whole. Sure they’ll be a warm day or two, but the high heat has been broken for most. Rainfall amounts are generalized totals, do not focus on a specific area as the model isn’t that good.

Rainfall amounts for the rest of August.

Rainfall amounts for the rest of August.

September looks pretty good as well. Mostly dry the first half with normal temps. Then our first strong cold front of the season arrives mid month. Whoohoo!

Temperatures Saturday afternoon Sept 17th.

Temperatures Saturday afternoon Sept 17th (which is 0Z 18th).

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