Our official start to the Spring storm season is still about a week away but temperatures have certainly made it feel like Spring already. However, as another reminder, planting sensitive vegetation is a bad idea until at least early April. Case in point, we’ve got a few freezes coming our way. The maps below indicate temperatures expected on the mornings of the 12th, 14th, and 15th just to give you an idea.

Temperatures Sunday morning.

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Temperatures Tuesday morning.

Temperatures Wednesday morning.

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As far as rain goes, a few showers will move through C OK Thursday,Β with a few storms in NE OK, but more widespread beneficial rain will occur on Saturday. The maps below highlight the rain expected Saturday and the rain totals for both events.

Rain expected Saturday

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Ferguson Roof Systems is offering an AT's Weather special!

Rain totals for both events

Keep in mind the fire danger is going to remain quite high until our growing season starts. Conditions in NW OK have been brutal with emergency crews working around the clock getting the fires under control. Do you part in not starting the fires to begin with. Also please help or donate to your local Fire Departments as many are gathering supplies to help those working the fires. This map shows the active fires for the week. You can see more information such as this on my wildfire page and monitor drought conditions on that page as well.

Current and recent wildfires

One final note, this is the weekend to Spring Forward Saturday night. So we lose an hour of sleep. DST begins!

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