We discussed the severe weather setup for Thursday and Friday on Facebook Live Wednesday night. You can watch the video below:

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The short summary is that several supercell storms will develop in WC OK by 5pm. These will all be able to produce tornadoes and will move NE during the late afternoon/evening hours. The threat exists from S KS to N TX and everywhere in between. Just have a plan of action in place should a tornado threaten your area. The storms will move NE out of C OK by 8pm and possibly affect NE OK with flash flooding as they transition away from a tornado threat. Friday more storms with the same outcome will develop in the same areas. We’ll deal with that later.

This map shows extremely unstable CAPE values with 90 degrees of directional shear. This is very favorable for tornadoes.

CAPE and Shear values on Thursday

This forecast sounding agrees with the other map and shows a potentially dangerous tornado setup.

Forecast sounding favorable for strong tornadoes.

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