We finally have a decent opportunity for widespread rain across Oklahoma, something that’s been lacking for the past few weeks. Another cold front will work through starting Thursday night bringing showers and storms with it through Sunday. As long as the front stalls into southern Oklahoma then this scenario will play out. If it pushes too far south into Texas then that lessons the overall rain totals. Speaking of, this map gives you a general idea of what is possible. 1-2″ over a large area with a few spots getting more. Don’t focus on exact placement as what the model shows now will not be correct by the time we wrap up Sunday. Just have alternate plans in place for any outdoor activities.

Rain totals Friday through Sunday.

Temperatures will be toasty until the front arrives with mid 90s returning across C/W OK. 80s for Fri-Sun. More mid 90s next week. Enjoy! -AT
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