Here’s an update to these two important events!

A few passing showers/sprinkles will work through Tuesday midday into the early evening across C OK. However, they won’t amount to anything. At most for the trick-or-treater’s I see a few sprinkles. Winds will be light, but temperatures will be chilly at that time in the mid 40s.

Temperatures during trick-or-treating.

Rainfall expected during trick-or-treating. Light sprinkles in C OK. .

Bedlam Saturday has flipped a few times, depending upon timing of the next front later this week. The latest has the front retreating so Saturday would start off in the mid 50s and warm to 70 at game time. Prior data showed mid 40s in morning and 60 at game time. Either way will be pretty decent.

Temperatures Saturday morning.

Temperatures Saturday afternoon.

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For iOS user, replace the 3 dots on the top right with a balloon.

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