New model data is starting to come around to my idea…

Light freezing rain and drizzle now showing up Thursday night into Friday morning with the first system. Bitterly cold air showing up for Christmas Day with snow flurries and sub-zero wind chills. Stay tuned as I think they’ll come around even more and crank up a little more precip and colder air…

Thanks to my friend Dave McEver for this nugget:  “1066 mb high in the contiguous United States would be the highest on record. The highest-pressure reading yet measured is 1064 mb (31.42”) at Miles City, Montana on December 24, 1983.”

Light freezing rain/drizzle developing Thursday night across C OK.


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Temperatures on Christmas Day. GFS usually has a warm bias, so should be lower than this.

At this point, bridges and overpasses would need to be watched Friday morning. As far as the rest of the day goes, depends if precipitation is heavier on this first round. Something to watch for in the coming days…

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