Our next round of very light precipitation comes on the bottom end of an upper level disturbance moving through Kansas on Sunday morning. It will be very light snow/flurries across the Northern counties of the state and a mix of rain/drizzle/freezing drizzle/freezing rain and sleet across C/E Oklahoma. Timing is roughly from 3am to 10am as the wave moves by. Amounts of any ice accumulation would only be a few hundredths, but that may be enough to cause icy roadways, especially on the bridges and overpasses. So be careful! Don’t look for much snow up north, but some may pick up a dusting on grassy surfaces.

Temperatures Sunday morning below freezing many areas.


Model depicting the light snow moving across the N, freezing rain C on Sunday morning.

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On Christmas Day, the jet stream will reside overhead and an upper level disturbance will move through. This will create cloud cover and snow. However, most (if not all) should evaporate in the drier air in the lower atmosphere. So what you may end up seeing are virga snow streaks during the day, which would be pretty cool. Temperatures both days should top out mostly in the 30s statewide thanks to the additional cloud cover activity. It will be very cold Christmas morning, some in the teens!

Temperatures Christmas morning.

In the long run, still watching for the return of freezing drizzle and freezing rain during the day on Tuesday. So travel early just to avoid the possibility. This activity will continue into Wednesday and Thursday until the next system clears us out. As I’ve talked about before, roadways could become encased in a thin sheet of ice (~0.15″) during this time which could cause a travel nightmare. So something to watch carefully. The final storm system arriving Thursday looks to be centered too far north at this time to produce much in the way of wintry precipitation. It will potentially bring in some very cold air with it though, single digits! Brrr!!!

Freezing drizzle/rain developing midday Tuesday.


Temperatures Friday night!

So, I’ll watch to see if this end of the week storm changes any. Meanwhile, enjoy your holiday and Merry Christmas! -AT

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