The summary is that it’s just going to be cold. High pressure systems continue to build in one after another behind reinforcing cold fronts. Many nights over the coming days will be in the teens and 20s. A lot of 30s for daytime highs. Models keep teasing about extreme cold but can’t make up their mind when. An example is shown below for Sunday.

As far as precipitation goes, as I mentioned last week, it all depended on how far the cold air intrusion was as to who would see the warm air advection type freezing drizzle/rain. As it looks now it will be across the bordering counties of the Red River on Tuesday and that will move south into DFW and N TX by Wednesday morning. Amounts will be light, about a tenth of an inch or less, but could be enough to coat bridges and overpasses. So be careful if traveling across these areas.


Freezing drizzle and freezing rain across S OK and far N TX tomorrow.


Freezing drizzle/rain across N TX early Wednesday morning.

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Model advertised cold temperatures Sunday morning.

After this minor event, the next system to produce more ice and/or snow won’t arrive until the weekend or early next week. Details are still muddy. There are a few systems after that as well to be ironed out as an active and cold pattern continues into the new year. -AT

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