It’s been awhile since my last update. Things have been fairly quiet with a few cold fronts from time to time. The milder temps on Saturday are replaced with colder conditions for Sunday as another cold front sneaks in. Use my free weather app, ATsWeatherToGo, to keep track of these fronts that come in every few days. Temperatures will be a roller coaster ride for February with some wild swings as we go through time.

The big change is in the precipitation. As of now, amounts look light, but sometimes that’s all you need to cause travel issues as more ice returns Monday night into Tuesday across the state. A few of the maps posted below give  you an idea on the distribution and amounts. We’re still early in the game so this will change positions, etc but it’s a ballpark estimate. Just note that anywhere along and near the I-40 corridor and points north will experience ice. Looks like the snow will be confined mostly to far N OK into KS.

Light winter storm for Tuesday. Mix of rain, freezing rain, and snow.

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Model prediction of snow.

Ice accumulations. Model #1

Ice accumulations. Model #2

Ice accumulations. Model #3

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After this round, another light wintry mix will move in for the following weekend. The 9th-11th and yet another possibly for Valentine’s Day. So plenty of signals to watch over the coming days.

Next winter storm possible around the 10th.

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