April has definitely been a strange month so far. I talked about how the winter would try to hang on into our Spring and it’s doing just that. But don’t worry, the pattern will flip back to normal by the end of the month and then the window opens for our normal severe weather season. In past years where March and April were quiet, May more than made up for it, then quiet again in June. Could this be one of those years? Only time will tell. Until then, here’s a look at your long range outlook.

Highlights: More Drought, Fires, Heat, Freezes, Wind, Rain and Snow?

Yes these next 2 weeks will have a little something for everyone. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Light passing showers Monday afternoon, mainly out west.

A light freeze for parts of the state Tuesday morning.

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Crazy record heat on Thursday (with the wind below fire danger very high and worsening the drought out west).

Crazy wind gusts will occur both Thursday and Friday.

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Storms in SE OK Friday afternoon/night.

Possible wrap-around rain/snow mix Sunday morning (This is a long shot BTW).

Another freeze Sunday morning (more likely than the snow in the prior image).

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What could be our first setup for traditional severe weather returning Sunday April 22nd.

Forecast sounding for OKC on April 22nd indicating instability and shear returning.

So there you have the highlights for the next 2 weeks across Oklahoma. A very active pattern with a mix of everything. Enjoy and please share with your friends and family! -AT

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