It’s been several bad days for fire weather conditions in western Oklahoma. Numerous blazes continue. The hardest hit areas have been near Seiling and Vici. Satellite data still shows these active hot spot regions. Pray for those fighting for their homes and their lives as well as all of the other emergency responders volunteering to help in any way they can.

Wildfires persist out west identified by the colored regions.

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The good news is that rain is coming, and a lot of it. Several model outputs are listed below to give you an idea on amounts. The timing: rain starts in W OK Friday evening and spreads east. The bulk of the rain will fall during the day Saturday. Any lingering showers will end from W to E Saturday evening into Sunday morning across the state. That means that the OKC metro area should be dry by mid Sunday morning and Tulsa will dry out mid afternoon.

Center Phase Energy

Rainfall totals through Sunday. Model #1

Rainfall totals through Sunday. Model #2

Ferguson Roof Systems

Ferguson Roof Systems is offering an AT's Weather special!

Rainfall totals through Sunday. Model #3

Long range outlook doesn’t have anything more that looks potentially heavy until about May 1st. Hoping that changes…we need more across the western half of the state quickly. -AT

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