I was recently invited by Tim and Levi at Life Lift Systems to check out their innovative above ground storm shelter that was designed to go under a bed and telescope up so that multiple people could take cover from a storm in the comfort of their own home.  Much like many of the other above ground storm shelters, the Vortex Vaults Shelter Bed was designed to FEMA guidelines and passed extensive testing by the Texas Tech Wind Institute and passed with flying colors.  Life Lift Systems even did some of their very own testing by dropping vehicles on the shelter in the up position (see video). At first glance the bed appears like any other standard bed, allowing for any style head and foot board to be installed on the various sizes, from twin to king.

Here is a video highlight of the storm shelter bed

It comes in various sizes:

  • Twin – Occupancy 3
  • Full – Occupancy 5
  • Queen – Occupancy 5
  • King – Occupancy 7

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One of the greatest features of the shelter is that it has a 57″ door height in the up position so that wheelchair users can easily access the shelter. Overall, this is a great above ground storm shelter option due to the fact that those with limited mobility don’t have to leave the interior of the home to go out to their garage or outside to access the shelter or go below ground.  Several of their customers have also stated that their pets usually get very anxious whenever they try to taking them down into a below ground shelter.

The shelter is anchored into the concrete slab (which is a requirement) and uses a scissor lifting mechanism to lift the shelter up via powered motors.  It also has a battery backup that can be used if the power goes out in your home.

Some of their customers have had these installed in a spare bedroom and leave them in the up position on days whenever severe weather is expected.  The bed can also be accessed in the down position in case of a panic situation.  It is a great option for storing important valuables and yes, they have options for a gun rack as well.

To learn more about the shelter, visit www.lifeliftsystems.com or give Tim or Levi a call. They have shelter bed on display in Oklahoma City if you would like to check it out.



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