Summertime storms are sometimes difficult to announce days in advance but when they come, they bring much needed rain and usually some strong winds.

We have storms this Saturday evening and we’ll see a few more Sunday morning across parts of C OK. Isolates storms may develop again across NW OK late Sunday afternoon and out west on Monday. Some potential is there for a little better coverage on Monday across other areas of the state, but there’s a lot of noise in model output this time of year which makes it difficult to be exact. Think random probabilities in statistics.

Despite the pockets of rain, the summer heat will continue to build as 100s become more widespread. At least a weak front will provide some cooling to parts of the state Sunday before the blow torch gets going. Let’s take a look at the graphics below.

Storms Saturday evening moving NE.

Storms Sunday morning moving SE.

Heat south and cooler north with a weak front through OKC Sunday afternoon.

Heat for Monday.

Heat for Tuesday afternoon.

Heat for Wednesday the 4th.

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