For those that missed my Facebook Live on Friday at lunch we talked about the rain this weekend and slightly cooler temperatures as a result of it, but that it would shut off and be replaced by building heat. The upper levels are shifting a bit to allow the ridge of high pressure heat things up across Oklahoma for awhile. 100s will be more common across the W half of OK as a result.

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So back to the heat, brace yourself! Upper pattern displayed as we head into next Saturday and each day’s temperatures shown below:

Ridge of high pressure (red area) shifting back into Oklahoma.

Temperatures Wednesday afternoon.

Temperatures Thursday afternoon.

Temperatures Friday afternoon.


Models have struggled as to how hot next weekend will be. Earlier runs were in the 110-115 degree range. Here they’ve backed off quite a bit. Just plan on it being hot either way and I’ll keep an eye on how the upper pattern evolves.

Temperatures Saturday afternoon.


Temperatures Sunday afternoon.

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