Summer is desperately trying to hang on even though much of it was pretty mild compared to years past. For the next several days temperatures will challenge the upper 90s at times over parts of the state. Although we may not see a 100 in most areas, it’ll certainly feel like it.

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Ryan and me after midnight when he fixed my a/c issue in the attic.

So here’s an example of how our temperatures will look in the afternoons this week.

All Comfort Specialist

Temperatures Monday afternoon.

There are a couple of days where a few showers or storms may give some of us relief, but otherwise expect hot and muggy. The rain moves through late Tuesday night through Wednesday with a decaying summer cold front.

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Model #1 Rainfall totals midweek.

Model #2 Rainfall totals midweek.

So what about Labor Day Weekend? Well, the good news is the pattern starts to change. Probably not early enough, but temperatures will shave a few degrees off daytime highs, so low 90s mostly vs the upper 90s assuming one model is correct. We’ll take what we can get right! Otherwise it looks mostly dry for the 3 day period, but there is some noise for a little rain. Grouped in C/E OK late Saturday/Sunday and out in NW OK on Monday. Like I said, this is a sneak peek, I’ll fine too tune this in the coming days. After the holiday big changes are ahead, so stay tuned! -AT

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