What a week it was across Oklahoma with several inches of rainfall and in some cases too much rain as a tropical airmass took over with slow or non-moving showers and storms dumping a lot of rain!

Past 7 days of rain.

A couple of hot topics this coming week will be the Atlantic Hurricanes starting with Florence and then drying out here in Oklahoma with Fall sneaking in.

Potential tropical storm tracks across the Atlantic.

Also a reminder that you can monitor both the official National Hurricane Center tracks and the computer model spaghetti plots through my free weather app, ATsWeatherToGo. Download it now via Apple or Google Play.

Rainfall expected across Oklahoma next several days. A few showers by weeks end across SE and E OK into next weekend, otherwise mainly dry.

Model #1 rain totals through Friday.

Model #2 rain totals through Friday.


Temperatures this coming week will definitely be more like Fall. Daytime highs in the upper 70s and lower 80s until we warm a bit at the end of the week into next weekend.

Temperatures Monday afternoon and fairly representative of the next several days.

Temperatures Monday morning. A slow climb into upper 60s by Friday.

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