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The weather still looks mostly decent for the OU/TX game. There will be a few spotty showers around the Metroplex during the game. But they’ll be light and quick moving. Odds are better for significant rainfall to develop in the evening and overnight down there. Muggy with temps in the 80s. There isn’t any travel related issues with the weather back and forth either.
Across Oklahoma, storms develop into NW OK along a cold front this evening as it moves southeast overnight. Expect rain to progress along with it so the OKC area should get a least a few showers with it by late morning but more significant activity will develop from the afternoon into the evening and overnight period. This means there will be several dry hours on Saturday but the showers will be spotty and hard to time. Check radar trends on my free weather app, ATsWeatherToGo, to plan your outside activities. Backup/alternate plans a must!

Rainfall totals estimated through Sunday afternoon. Bulk of rain across the western half of state.

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The big shock will be which side of the cold front do you live on? The map shows quite a distinct gradient for Saturday afternoon and Sunday paints a state divided as well.

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Temperatures Saturday afternoon.

Temperatures Sunday afternoon.

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As far as rainfall goes on Sunday and beyond. Expect more of it and for it to spread evenly across the state in the 2-4″ range. However, as indicated the western half of Oklahoma is under the gun for amount that may approach 10″ in some areas leading to significant flooding. That said, although it’s a rainy pattern through about Thursday, there will be several dry hours each day.

GFS model. Bulls-eye too close to OKC metro for comfort.

GFS-Beta model lowers totals a bit.

Canadian model.

Icon model.

European Model.

So the take home in this quick look at data is that there is general model consensus on rainfall amounts across the state with some areas expected to experience flooding. Never pay attention to exact county amounts because the models are not that good. Just know that the W half of the state will see far more than the E half and that on the extreme case, you might be one of those that ends up with 10″ of rain if you live anywhere from C to W OK. Enjoy the holiday and be safe! -AT

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