Okay so I’ve heard from a few of you complaining about the ads on my free weather app, ATsWeatherToGo. Here are the emails I’ve received so far…

“Get rid of the pop up ads or I’m getting rid of your app! You already have banner ads! Don’t get greedy!”

“How can I turn off the pop up adds? I am so sick of the adds that if I can’t have it add free it’ll be deleted off my phone.  Please advise.”

“Is there a way to get rid of the adds? I’m not a fan and will be looking for another app if I can’t pay to get rid of the adds. Thanks. ”

“I don’t like the pop-up adds. The APP was great before these. I might have to get a new weather APP.”

“I will be uninstalling this appointment do to the advertisements that have audio. The advertisements with audio or very disruptive.”

Yikes! These reactions are just because of the one ad that occurs at startup each time you use the app. If you remain in the app for more than 3 minutes and switch to different menu items, a second advertisement will show. Most never stay in the app that long, so it’s just the 1 ad you see. Why the full page ad? The ad revenue is needed to fund the app itself to provide it for free to everyone.

I decided to elaborate on this topic during one of my recent Facebook Lives. Here’s my take on things which I hope addresses everything.

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In the end I’m grateful for those that understand the need to have an advertisement based business model and the complexities involved in providing a free product to the masses that not only works, but works well. For the very few willing to pay for an ad-free version, I also address that issue in the video.

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