Okay, so first off, if you missed my Facebook live Friday at lunch, we talked about some very light freezing rain/drizzle over central OK tonight leading to some possible slick roadways into the morning. Should even see some light flurries and/or dusting of snow in the NW. Otherwise light rain is expected across the eastern parts of the state tomorrow. We’ll take a look at a few maps below then discuss what you can expect for Thanksgiving!

Temperatures early Sunday morning. Watch the freezing line!

Ferguson Roof Systems

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Wintry mix of precip tonight.


A very light dusting of snow possible NW.

Center Phase Energy

Very light icing possible tonight and into early tomorrow morning (freezing rain totals shown).

Rain totals tonight/tomorrow.

All Comfort Specialist

Temperatures Sunday afternoon.

So the bottom line here is to be careful in the morning, especially on bridges and overpasses. Only takes a few hundredths to cause problems if the road temps are below freezing.

Thanksgiving Day itself looks petty decent! High temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. There will be a few sprinkles the day before and some light rain the day after.

Sprinkles moving through on Wednesday.

Temperatures Thanksgiving Day

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Light rain passing through on Friday.

Bonus Content: There’s a storm signal still showing up towards the end of the month. Two different models posted below indicate snow returning to Oklahoma around the 27th or Dec 1st. More on this later! Enjoy your holiday week!!! -AT

Possible storm system on the 26th.

Storm system possible Dec 1st.

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