A couple of things to notice as we round out our month after Thanksgiving.

First, if you’re traveling northward on Sunday, you’ll run into a blizzard of sorts. Very low visibility and blowing snow. Amounts aren’t too crazy, but the idea is a few inches across Kansas and surrounding areas. Might see a light dusting along the state line counties in Oklahoma but that’s it.

Storm system Sunday morning.


Snow totals with this system Saturday night and Sunday.

The bigger picture is the lack of moisture across the US through the end of the month. The precipitable water map shown indicates very little moisture in the atmosphere to squeeze out precipitation with passing storm systems. This means a fairly tranquil period as the good moisture (brighter colors) is pooled way down south, begging to come north.

Precipitable water.

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If you’d like to watch the Facebook Live recap discussing what’s coming our way in December, you can see that below:

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