Thursday into Friday morning will be a mess across Oklahoma. The big takeaways are 70 mph wind gusts, flooding rainfall, and blowing snow for a select few. The maps give the details.

Wind gusts first. Just nasty. Sustained winds around 30-35 mph most of the day. Any gust over 58 mph is considered damaging.

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Wind gusts Thursday afternoon.

Up next are rainfall estimates from two different models. Good stuff for this time of year but a little too much for a 36 hour period. It all starts early Thursday morning and wraps up midday Friday.

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Model 1 rain totals.

Model 2 rain totals.

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Finally the snow, and this is the tricky part. I believe there will be a very small region on the western fringe of the precipitation shield Thursday night into Friday morning where the rain will transition to blowing snow. Amounts of an inch are certainly possible. The models actually want to product up to 2 or 3″ but I’m not biting on that at this time. Visibility will be poor for driving, but roadways will be fine as temperatures stay right at or slightly above freezing at the surface.

Model 1 snow totals.

Model 2 snow totals.

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Any snow that does happen to fall will melt quickly Friday morning. The winds will stay up Friday however, but not as extreme, still gusts to near 50. If things change I’ll update again and likely do a facebook live at noon. You can watch tonight’s facebook live below for the details behind this forecast:

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