So we’ve had two snow events come and go this past week where only a few in Oklahoma got to experience anything (one along the KS border and the other in far NW OK into the Panhandle). Two more are on the way. Here are the details…

The next round of snow moves once again into the TX and OK panhandle region on Friday with some of it drifting into NW OK by Saturday morning. Accumulations should be extremely light there. As the upper level low causing this precipitation starts to move east Saturday night a light wintry mix may develop into C OK. This means light drizzle/rain/freezing rain/sleet. So some bridges and overpasses my be a little icy early Sunday morning as the worst case scenario. Otherwise it doesn’t look like any significant accumulation for now. Temperatures will top out in the 30s both Saturday and Sunday statewide. If temperatures don’t warm above freezing during the day Sunday, then there is the potential for additional light freezing rain but with very minimal impact on roadways.

The system after that approaches New Year’s Day with snow breaking out after dark across the west.  Models are at odds on how to handle the upper level energy, including an earlier arrival to produce only flurries statewide on the 1st. So whether this storm will be a big impact or another insignificant one is yet to be determined at this time. However I’m leaning towards the minor outcome the way things look now. However, we will get a cold shot of temperatures for the 1st, so be ready for teens and 20s!

Temperatures on New Year’s Day!

That’s all I have for you now. These 4 events all turned out (or looks to turn out) to be minor for the majority, but this time of year with all the vacations and traveling, it pays to know what’s coming. Besides, I like snow, so I’m always on the hunt for it over Winter. I hope all of you continue to enjoy the end of the year with friends and family and safe travels! -AT

Also I’d like to give a special thanks to my friend Ryan over at Rhino Heat and Air for being an AT’s sponsor these past few months. He fixed my heat awhile back and was honest and quick. I highly recommend his services. Tell him I sent you! If you’d like to be an AT’s Weather sponsor, just reach out to me anytime.


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