How would you like the convenience of a storm shelter in your own bedroom that can withstand an EF-5 tornado, a round of gunfire, and a 60,000 lb object? Then you want to check out the Vortex Vault from Life Lift Systems!

Not only does it protect your life from a tornado, but also any intruder that may enter your home. There are many custom options, including tying it into your alarm company for police assistance. Other options include a gun rack, safe for valuables, battery backup with USB to charge cell phones and provide lighting, HVAC and fans, and many more! The sky’s the limit!

Don’t want it as a bed? Then utilize the design as a kitchen island or a pool table! The Vortex Vault is extremely customizable. One of the many reasons this storm shelter caught my eye is how it differs so much from the rest. As a matter of fact, it even caught the eye of the hit ABC TV Show, Shark Tank! There simply is no comparison to other shelters.

I was at the OKC Home and Garden Show recently and I asked Tim Todd to talk about the shelter on a Facebook Live.

For more details about the bed, including various options, check out their website: Life Lift Systems

By the way, if you’ve ever wanted to watch how Texas Tech tests storm shelters, watch this video of a flying 2×4 to represent what happens when tornadic debris goes airborne at 250+mph!

The team worked hard at bringing something new and exciting to the storm shelter world and I personally think they hit a home run! Give them a call today and tell them AT sent you for special discount. 405-260-8574

And be sure to give yourself even more time to get inside that shelter with my free weather app, ATsWeatherToGo. It’s the only weather app that predicts tornadoes up to 15 minutes before they develop. Thus giving you invaluable time to seek shelter. Plus you can enter up to 8 locations to get push notifications for, such as your kids school, second home, the grandparents, etc. No other app gives you this and much more for free! Download the app from Apple or Google Play today! -AT

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