We’re not quite finished with the ice just yet.

First off, a weak disturbance moving through Texas today may trigger a few flurries across S OK this afternoon/evening but it won’t amount to anything. The atmosphere is very dry at the lower levels. It will however give parts of C/E/N TX a little wintry action with light  snow, sleet, and freezing rain.

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Another disturbance will move through TX and OK on Saturday arriving across the Red River by late afternoon. Expect light freezing rain to develop for Saturday evening and overnight into Sunday morning. Although temperatures will warm a few degrees above freezing, the dewpoint values are much lower, which means wet-bulbing. That’s the process where when precipitation falls, it moistens up the dry air near the surface causing the temperature to fall and the dewpoint to rise. When they meet in the middle, that’s the new surface temperature. If it’s at or below freezing, that’s when you can get problems on area roadways.

So expect very light freezing rain to cause some nighttime and early morning travel headaches across C/S/E OK. Be careful as all it takes is a light glaze, so don’t pay much attention to the exact numbers from the models.

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Freezing rain accumulations Saturday night and Sunday across OK.

After that, light rain will take over as temps warm above freezing for the remainder of Sunday across the eastern half of OK. Then another storm system will clear out the rain for Monday with with a little snow possible in NW and N OK Monday night/Tuesday morning.

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Storm system moving out Tuesday morning with a little snow north.

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Here’s the Facebook Live recap from lunch discussing the above.

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Our next front comes in for Valentine’s Day. May squeeze out a few flurries or showers with that one. I’ll update you later. Other potential winter storms lined up for the rest of the month. Time will tell if these come in with all of the ingredients in place. -AT

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