This is just a very short summary over the threat of severe weather for late Wednesday. For a detailed account watch my Facebook Live recap below:

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Showers and storms will develop near the surface low in the Texas panhandle and extend along the stationary front in NW OK starting by 5pm. A cluster of storms will form along this boundary and move eastward along it. Over time the front will move south with the storms into C OK by late evening. They will fall apart as they do so arriving into the OKC area around midnight. Large hail and damaging winds the primary threat but a couple of tornadoes are possible anywhere along the boundary during the mid evening hours 7-10 pm.

The second area is in SW OK along the dryline. Models insist the CAP holds and no storms form. Should one or two break the CAP they will move NE and be capable of producing a tornado with large hail and damaging winds.

The final area is farther south along the dryline into NW TX. Those storms will move E/NE into the N TX area and across the river into S OK near I-35 and the rest of SE OK late evening. There is a tornado threat with that cluster as well. Large hail and damaing winds still the primary threat however.

So OKC and Tulsa may only get grazed with non-severe storms or could experience a lone supercell type storm assuming very specific outcomes can occur, which is a long shot at this point. Morning model data will help answer that question further.

Storms at 9pm across NW OK and N TX.

Storms moving through DFW at 9pm.

Significant tornado parameter showing the possibility of tornadoes in the colored region.

Significant tornado parameter showing the possibility of tornadoes in the colored region.Again if you don’t have my app, download it now. The user below was given an extra 21 minutes to prepare for a tornado before the official warning came out. ATsWeatherToGo available on Apple and Google play stores.

ATsWeatherToGo predicting a tornado before the official warning.

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