The long range pattern will be dominated by our typical summer time ridge of high pressure aloft. It will shift around in various positions occasionally allowing for a little rain to return over the next few weeks.

Ridge of high pressure centered north with upper low moving into Texas this weekend.

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A weak upper low will work its way into Texas this weekend from the east and then make its way into Oklahoma for the 4th as it falls apart. This will be our first decent chance of rain across the state. As the low clips SE OK this weekend, expect a few showers or thunderstorms with it.

July 10th, ridge redevelops to the south and allows N OK to get clipped by the weak jet stream with energy to produce rain.

July 14th, ridge shifts west and allows a NW flow to develop, which brings in weak fronts and rain.

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Another decent round looks to occur on the 8th and we’ll have a few more before the month is over. However, rainfall totals are not all that impressive and mostly focused across the northern half of the state.

Rainfall amounts through July.

Regarding temperatures, they typically reside from the upper 80s to near 90 in the east, low to mid 90s central, and mid to upper 90s west. There will be a few days where the 100s return out west and potentially for a day or two of those into C OK. But again, this is all normal for July.

Remember to use plenty of sunscreen, seek shade, drink fluids and stay cool to avoid heat exhaustion or stroke. Have a safe and fun Independence Day! -AT

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