What a difference a week can make around Oklahoma. After seeing a few good rounds of rain the past few days, more is on the way. In addition, so are a few cold fronts to keep those temperatures at bay. The 90s will be a thing of the past for many this week once we get past Monday.

Here are the rainfall totals since Friday:

Greg Hall Agency

Rainfall past 3 days.

Expect one more day of nasty heat on Monday:

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High temperatures Monday.

Then look at the temperatures for Tuesday:

Greg Hall Agency

High temperatures Tuesday.

Those temperatures will be hanging around for the remainder of the week into our Labor Day Weekend.

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As far as rain goes, the cold front late Monday afternoon will trigger scattered showers and storms with it which will continue overnight as things move southward. Some lingering activity will be around Tuesday.

Storms developing Monday afternoon along cold front.

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Next round of decent rain looks to be Saturday. Dry for the remainder of our Labor Day activities. I’ll update again for the Labor Day Weekend as we get closer. -AT

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