Two weak disturbances will produce a few sprinkles and light showers this evening and Thursday night. Nothing significant however.

All eyes then turn to a change in the jetstream pattern that will usher in more arctic air. Although Oklahoma will only receive its typical glancing blow, it will still be a shock from our highs in the 60s. You can see how the arctic airmass brings in very low dewpoint values, so very dry air will move in. We might even squeeze out a little snow along the front in NE OK.

Arctic cold front arrives Monday the 9th.

Dewpoint values less than 10 indicate an arctic airmass.

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Temperatures will try to moderate a few times with other glancing blows after that front on the 9th. There is some monkey business potential a couple of days before Christmas. An upper level low will be parked across the Rockies kicking out disturbances (black dashes). If the low can dig southward and remain in place, the cold front has a chance to move south into Oklahoma. This combination would lead to a winter weather event. Time will tell…

Cold front nearby could come southward on the 22nd.

Upper storm system hanging out west kicking off disturbances in the jet.

The pattern gets even colder for the 1st week of January with Oklahoma taking more of a direct impact as well as the rest of the country due to the positioning of the upper level pattern. Notice the position of the freezing line. In addition we may be set up for an upper level disturbance to generate a winter storm as well.

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Arctic air invades most of country. Freezing line indicated in blue.

Jetstream showing big ridge across W Canada and Low over E Canada. Upper disturbance over W US to move east.

This is way out there, but something to watch for over the coming weeks. -AT


Ferguson Roof Systems

Ferguson Roof Systems is offering an AT's Weather special!

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