Are you ready for some snow!!!Β 

For a few days the European model has been hinting at snow for the Sunday/Monday timeframe. At first the model was all alone. Now there is a little more agreement from the other models.

You can watch the recap of the how, what, when, and why from my latest Facebook Live:

Right now my forecast will call for snow as far south as the I-44 corridor, but only a dusting to an inch. The heavy substantial snow will be centered across NW OK and along the Kansas state line. So roughly highway 412 east/west and northward will be the largest totals. It’s still too early to give specific ranges, but several inches is definitely possible in that area.

I’ll show a few of the computer model outcomes below for fun, and I’ll be updating over the coming days. -AT

German model. Not much to show for.

Canadian model.

UKMET precip totals, take home is position, would be snow.

American model.

Euro model. Most aggressive.

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