Tuesday night I discussed the weather pattern leading into Christmas across Oklahoma and the rest of the country. You can watch my live broadcasts on YouTube, Facebook, and now Twitter. Be sure to follow me and subscribe on each of those platforms so you’ll have redundancy in getting notified when I go live.

You can catch the replay below:

For those that don’t have time, here are a few images to tell the main story…

A few showers and mild Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.
Potential snow on the 28th.
Long range ensemble members indicate snow heading into January.
Ferguson Roof Systems

The pattern is very chaotic and we’ve missed a couple of opportunities for snow because the timing didn’t work out. For example, a strong upper low will move across N TX Friday and Saturday but it’s a few days too late to tap into the cold air we had in place. So instead of snow, we’ll just see a few showers move through at that time. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of winter left! Merry Christmas! -AT

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