We finally have an interesting weather pattern to talk about. Some big changes are coming too with respect to a nasty arctic blast down the range of the Rockies and into Oklahoma. More on that later. Up first, fire danger, severe storms, and a snow storm…

It’s been pretty dry around here this winter overall. With the winds cranking up on Wednesday >40 mph, and lower humidities <35%, expect an elevated fire danger across the state. 

Wednesday wind gusts mid afternoon.

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Relative humidity on Wednesday.

After we get past that, a storm system will approach from the SW part of the country. This will bring back the instability and moisture to produce a few severe storms across the SE parts of OK on Friday. 

Severe storms Friday.

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A strong cold front will arrive Friday night changing the rain over into a winter mix of freezing rain, sleet and yes, snow for parts of the state. Snow amounts could be significant with a few inches. We’ll know more as we get closer and models hone in on the system better. This activity would move through the state Saturday, so expect a nasty winter day!

Winter storm potential on Saturday.

Potential snowfall estimates. Will change!

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After that, the long awaited big arctic blast looks to arrive on Wednesday, the 15th. The source region of the cold air is coming from W Canada down the slope of the Rockies. This is how Oklahoma gets it’s worst cold spells. We’ll likely see lows in the single digits with no problem should this pattern hold.

Arctic airmass invades the country.

As always, winter weather forecasting is tricky. Several things can change between now and Saturday that could cause the system to shift trajectory, or come in with lower moisture content, or lack of enough cold air. I’ll be watching things closely during the week and will update you as we get closer to the event. So don’t go running out to buy all the milk and bread just yet… -AT

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