Here’s a final look at the snow and sleet/freezing rain totals.

In the broad sense, this is the area with 2-4″ common of snow.

Ensemble snowfall average.

There will be sleet contamination especially along and south of the I-44 corridor which will less specific snow amounts in these areas. Hi-res model takes a stab at these numbers after accounting for an inch of melting.

Final snow amounts.

There will be quite a mix of sleet with some freezing rain which will lead to power outages in the red color region below.

Ice totals (sleet/freezing rain)

Two waves will move through. The first overnight after midnight ending by noon and the second wave late afternoon through midnight. Everything working from SW to NE.

Be careful on area roadways and use the data menu tab on my website to check road conditions and power outages during this winter storm event. -AT

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