The big story this week will be the lack of any significant severe weather signals, and a frost! In between we’ll squeeze in a couple of rounds of rain and cooler temperatures overall. So no more record heat!

Severe Weather Outlook

Rain will develop Monday morning along the Red River and into the Texas Panhandle and slowly work north and east during the day. So if you have any outdoor plans, get them in by noon. The rainfall will wrap up late Monday night. Raintall totals are decent.

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Rain Monday.

Rainfall totals.

Temperatures Monday.

Temperatures for the rest of the week are quite pleasant.

Temperatures Tuesday.

Temperatures Wednesday.

Temperatures Thursday.

A strong cold front will arrive Friday. At this time no severe weather is expected, but this will be monitored for changes. More decent rainfall is expected with the front.

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Rain on Friday with cold front.

Final Rain totals for the week.

Temperatures Friday.

Then, winds turn light and temperatures fall Saturday morning. So expect a frost across a large area of the state. Protect those tender plants! Otherwise the weekend looks good. -AT

Lows Saturday morning.

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