Every severe weather season we see a media report quoting someone saying “it came without warning” when talking about tornadoes. Truth is, in the majority of those cases, there was plenty of warning. However, the person quoted didn’t use the resources available to them to receive that warning.

There are several ways to monitor severe weather: Radio, Television, Sirens, Weather Apps (ATsWeatherToGo), and a NOAA Weather Radio. You want to utilize all of these methods to protect yourself and your family as each has its own failure point such as power outages, equipment failures, data/signal loss, distance, etc. We call it redundancy, multiple ways to get the same information.

Also remember that sirens are a last resort and only designed for those outdoors. They are not made for indoors, nor for your only form of information.

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There are numerous weather apps out there today. Mine is the best designed for your safety, and it’s free. ATsWeatherToGo predicts tornadoes before they form, giving you more time to prepare. So make sure you download it today from Apple or Google Play and watch the tutorial on how to setup your custom locations.

The other tool that is a must-have in my opinion, is a NOAA Weather Radio. Midland makes the best one and it is programmable for your specific address at home. It will wake you up in the dead of night no matter how hard of a sleeper you may be. This is a great resource if the cell phone’s notifications aren’t loud enough for you at 3am.

I recommend the model below. You’ll need to order it today however, as the pandemic issue has slowed shipping services, delaying them for as much as 3 weeks. You’ll need this for the peak of our severe weather season which occurs late April through early June. In addition, these radios are great for those year round surprises.

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NOAA Weather Radio

Purchase the Midland NOAA Weather Radio directly from Amazon here.

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So make sure you utilize all of the methods I discussed here today to protect yourself and your family. During tornado events I’ll broadcast live coverage through my website, weather app, YouTube, Twitter/Periscope, and Facebook. Follow each of these social media accounts and select to get notified when I go live. Now you have plenty of methods at your disposal to stay safe! -AT

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