Is our severe weather season already over? It’s certainly starting to appear that way…

Long-range Severe Weather Outlook

We’re going into a pattern flip. The upper low moving slowly out of Oklahoma by Thursday will allow an upper level ridge of high pressure to build in its wake. Until then we’ll squeeze out a little more rain in the form of scattered showers and weak storms, mostly across the eastern half of Oklahoma.

Center Phase Energy

Upper level Low

Rainfall totals Wed/Thu

The summer pattern usually doesn’t get entrenched until mid to late June. So I’m cautious that our season is over. I would suspect a few severe weather days during the 2nd week of June. We’ll need the rain to hold off a developing drought.

Upper level summer ridge overhead

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As a result, temperatures are going to be very nice short-term, then get a little too warm for my liking into the 10 day stretch. 10-Day forecast shown for Oklahoma City, but will be very similar statewide. Typically you add a couple of degrees out west and subtract a couple out east.

10-Day forecast in OKC

I’ll be keeping an eye out on the tropics. Things are heating up already and that’s one area that can cause a change to this long-range outlook.

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