In our last blog we talked about how the next cold front would trigger rain around the 20th of the month. Well, good news is that it arrived a little early! 

Look for showers and storms to break out late afternoon across far NW OK and expand south and eastward during the evening hours. Initially a few of these storms could reach severe limits with a little hail and wind. The cluster will move south overnight with additional showers and storms expected on Friday.

Storms Tonight

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Rainfall amounts from storms overnight will be significant in some areas. Unfortunately, there isn’t much expected east of I-35 with this round.

Rainfall amounts tonight.

I do have some very good news however! Models are starting to flip the pattern to be more wet across Oklahoma with some becoming excessively so. I’ll have a more detailed look at this a little later, but over the next 10 days, here are a few of the model outputs when it comes to rain totals.

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Model 1 Rainfall.

Model 2 Rainfall.

Model 3 Rainfall.

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