The heat will continue for this holiday weekend. With the higher overall dewpoints, heat index values will still hover around 100 degrees, while temperatures fluctuate due to moisture, clouds, and rainfall over any one particular location. 

Regarding the rain, it’s not a washout but there will be isolated showers and storms possible just about anywhere across the state, mainly during the afternoon hours. Any of the stronger storms will be capable of wind gusts over 60 mph and small hail. So have a backup plan and watch radar trends should you see clouds billowing in the distance.

Temperatures over the next several days won’t change much. The map for Saturday is shown below and is pretty much representative of the other days as well. Should you time things out just right, you’ll see lower daytime highs in your region if you can get some of that rain.

Center Phase Energy

Temperatures on Saturday.

Heat Index values July 4th

With the summer temperatures, be sure to watch for signs of heat exhaustion or stroke and follow these safety tips below.

Heat Safety Tips

Heat stress symptoms

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