You ready for some good news??? I know I am!

So, first off the upper pattern is now splitting the jet with a 500mb high to the west and to the east. This puts us in a trapped null, meaning caught between two systems which creates a little bit of weak lift. This allows at least a few showers and storms to develop, but also it helps to eliminate the extreme heat. Over time the ridge will build back together and migrate over the central parts of the country, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Upper pattern with ridge split.

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Over the weekend, we’re still going to see some 100 degree temps out across W Oklahoma. However by next week, those will be harder to come by as the 90s take over statewide. Heat index values will be about 5 degrees higher than the temperatures too, but after the weekend, those level off and end up being close to the actual air temperature. Translation, although it’s typical summer hot, it’s not stupid hot and it’s not stupid Houston humidity either as we move into next week.

Temperatures on Saturday.

Temperatures across OKC and Tulsa over the next several days posted below. I’m liking the 90s!

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OKC Temperatures.

Tulsa Temperatures.

As far as rain goes, although I can’t rule out an isolated shower or storm over C OK through early next week, but the bulk of any activity will be confined to W and NW OK. It’s not much, but anything helps this time of year. The rainfall totals over the next 7 days shown below.

Rainfall next several days.

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Ferguson Roof Systems is offering an AT's Weather special!

That’s all I got for now. It’s some good news, at least for the middle of Summer and for 2020 as a whole. -AT

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