Are you ready for our seasonal change??? Well, over the course of the next 10 days, we’ll experience four cold fronts which each one getting progressively colder. I don’t know about you, but I’m over the heat and ready for my most favorite weather in Oklahoma, Fall weather!

Now the first couple fronts won’t bring a lot of cooling, but they will generate cloud cover and rain, which in and of itself will cool us out of the 90s. The first one stalls out on Monday with a slightly stronger one arriving Thursday. As a result, expect a somewhat unsettled week with scattered showers and storms just about each day. The last two fronts will arrive back to back on the 7th and 8th, each producing some rain with them.

Speaking of rain, expect a little bit of severe weather with some of the storms this week. Hail and wind will be the threat for the majority of it, but I can’t rule out a tornado late in the day Monday. Our first round of storms will be Sunday night moving across SW/S OK. Some of that will move into the OKC metro region. Additional rounds are expected late Monday afternoon/evening and early Tuesday. Wednesday should have a few storms around as that next front approaches, but after that looking dry for Thursday onward until the next front arrives.

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Storms Sunday night.

Storms Monday afternoon.

Severe Weather Threats late Monday.

Slight risk of severe storms Monday in yellow.

Storms Tuesday morning.

First big front early on the 7th.

Final cold front of the forecast period on the 8th.

Rainfall should be pretty decent during this period. The maps shown indicate amounts expected just through Thursday, and the second map includes the final two cold fronts.

Rainfall expected through Thursday.

Rainfall expected over the 10 day period.

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So how are temperatures going to be? How does saying goodbye to the 100s sound? Just kidding, we can do better than that. Goodbye 90s! Hello 80s! The long-range outlook is shown for OKC but results will be similar in other areas of the state.

Long-range outlook for OKC.

That’s the way it looks for now. I’ll go live if Tornadoes are expected Monday and I’ll update the Labor Day Weekend again as we get closer. Oh and in case you missed my latest blog, I’ve been using a new weather station that I’ve really enjoyed. It’s called a Tempest and you can find more information about it and get 10% off here-> Tempest Weather Station

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