Our whacky roller coaster temperature ride will continue across Oklahoma. We’ll start with the return of summer Wednesday.

Temperatures Wednesday afternoon.

As a reminder with as dry as it’s been, drought conditions are spreading and fire danger is increasing.

Center Phase Energy

Current drought conditions.

Fire Danger forecast.

A cold front will cool things back down to Fall-like for Thursday onward. However, some big differences in the models are showing up for next week. I’ve posted the American (GFS) model and the European model to highlight the stark differences. The American model keeps us in a strong NW flow aloft in the jetstream. The Euro keeps us more zonal. Zonal equals mild to warm for us. NW flow equals cold. Neither gives us any rain however.

Jetstream from American model.

European model Jetstream position.

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As of now I’m going to side with the American model a bit, but slightly modify it’s overly cold output. I’ll update as things get more clear. Oklahoma City and Tulsa shown below but other locations similar. Use my free weather app, ATsWeatherToGo to get your specific backyard forecast. -AT

OKC Temperature forecast.

Tulsa Temperature forecast.

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