Our beautiful stretch of 70+ degree weather is coming to an end for this upcoming week. Storms return and Eta plays with Florida.

Up first we’ll get Eta out of the way as the storm that just won’t quit. Brought itself back to life from an earlier CAT 4 and soon to be expected CAT 1 in the Gulf. The NHC has it skirting Florida this week and coming onshore.

Hurricane Eta

Center Phase Energy

Our storm system is coming in at the wrong time, meaning late Monday night. If it could come in about 6 hours earlier we’d have a better shot at storms and severe weather. As it is now, both will be marginal. So expect a mostly cloudy monday with a south breeze. Then a few storms will break out after 6pm in far W/NW OK and travel NE. Additional elevated weak storms may develop overnight through the state as the cold front moves through. Rainfall amounts will be best in the NW.

Storms late day in NW OK.

Rainfall totals through Tuesday morning.

Our next opportunity for rain will be Friday and Saturday. Could see some better rain totals then. Stay tuned!

Center Phase Energy

Storm system at the end of the week.

Overall, temperatures will be cooler than last week, but still decent. Overnight lows will definitely be chilly! I’ll have an update about my new zip hoodies in my next blog. Stay tuned! =) -AT

Tulsa extended temperatures.

OKC extended temperatures.

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